ServiceNow Customers

Snbase is the most comprehensive database of companies using ServiceNow. We use powerful data mining technology & expert human curation to discover ServiceNow customers and create unparalleled sales intelligence for your campaigns.

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You won’t need anything else.

If you have a product that works with ServiceNow or a services offering to ServiceNow customers, then Snbase is all you will need.

We constantly track ServiceNow’s new customer announcements and create the most accurate and actionable dataset of ServiceNow users.

And Snbase improves every single day. Our data team is constantly adding new decision makers, removing people who are no longer at the companies and adding net new ServiceNow customers.

It’s your go-to resource for ServiceNow campaigns.

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Snbase gives you unlimited access to full ServiceNow customer intelligence with constantly improving data for a simple yearly subscription.

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The secret sauce behind Snbase

Powered by big data mining & natural language processing, we build the best-in-class data of qualified ecommerce leads with actionable intelligence.

We process massive datasets…

We track millions of companies, social profiles, job sites and resumes to find ServiceNow signals.

then apply smart rules to curate

We’ve designed curation rules to correctly identify companies who are using ServiceNow and weed out the false positives

enrich with all data

We build all the major company and contact data fields, run validations & create an ongoing process for it.

to deliver actionable ServiceNow leads

The result is Snbase, a highly accurate and comprehensive database of ServiceNow customers.

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